Job Interviews

Job Interviews for this Aspie can be stressful! There are many obstacles that can get in the way of having a successful interview. Among them are: thought clouds, social norms, and filters.

I’ll start off talking about filters. Filters are usually not a problem for those of us who don’t have compromised ones. However, Aspies oftentimes do have compromised filters. With them comes the inability to gauge what is appropriate to say. For instance, I can rattle off political factoids like there’s no tomorrow; however, at an interview, it is more appropriate to say, “I like politics,” and leave it there if asked what your hobbies are.

Likewise, social norms can get in our way as well. An interviewer, for instance, can put his or her feet up on a desk and lean back in his or her chair if they choose to do that; interviewees, however, cannot.

Finally, there are thought clouds. Sometimes, this Aspie’s thought cloud is so intense that I can’t hear the interviewer’s questions! When this happen, it is okay to ask the interviewer to repeat the question — ONCE. More than once and you might come off as inattentive.

These are just some of the many, many obstacles that this Aspie faces at a job interview. There are countless others. In the next Life Skills column, I am going to discuss what can be done to get past these.


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