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The SWAMI diet has been the topic of discussion again in recent days. The concept is based on the theory that an individual’s blood type determines the best diet for individuals — allegedly some blood types should be vegans, others should be omnivores, and still others should be vegetarians.

The issue of Peter D’Adamo’s SWAMI diet was addressed at the “United States Senate Special Committee On Aging: Hearing On Swindlers, Hucksters And Snake Oil Salesmen” hearing back in 2001.

NOTE:  Peter D’Adamo’s book on the SWAMI diet was published in 1996, and he has promoted it since then.

Many naturopath doctors who support and/or promote the SWAMI diet also:

1. incorrectly allege that gluten is a causative factor in the development of schizophrenia and/or autism spectrum disorders;
2. incorrectly allege that food allergies cause multiple sclerosis; and,
3. incorrectly allege that the SWAMI diet is scientifically proven to be effective for creating balanced diets based solely on blood types.

Peter D’Adamo relies on a collection of anecdotal reports and case histories to support his theory instead of peer-reviewed studies to date. If he relied on peer-reviewed studies, he would have to admit that the peer-reviewed studies that have been done on his blood type diets theory has not proven what he alleges.

Less than a year ago, there was no peer-reviewed research that proved that eating foods supposedly compatible with one’s blood type improved one’s health or induced weight loss any more than a general diet plan would do.

In fact, late last year, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition cited a lack of independent evidence for the blood type diets promoted by Peter D’Adamo.


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