Build A Core Of Network Supporters

Perhaps this best thing to happen to me is Facebook. Unlike other people who just post on whatever, exposing themselves to trolls or threats, I didn’t immerse myself fully in the social media experience. I have found a group of Facebook friends who are genuine friends who will support me until the end.

Now, how did I find them? In some cases, we had a common interest. In other cases, it was a support group on Facebook (yes, those exist—but a genuine one is hard to find). Still others held a common interest with me, and some began as friends of friends.  In one such instance, it was through a person who was a common annoyance!

These people are incredibly hard to find. But when you do find them, keep them near and dear to your heart. As long as you are loyal to them, they will be loyal to you—and vice-verse, of course!


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