The Amazing Okra Cure

Recently, there’s been a meme making the rounds that claims to have the secret to curing Diabetes.


As with every urban legend, there is usually a grain of truth somewhere in all the incorrect information. In this case, the grain of truth began in a Time magazine article published on 22 July 2013 that stated this about Okra:

Time Magazine_22 July 2013_IMAGE

While studies have proven that “okra’s carbohydrates help slow the uptake of sugar into the blood” thereby “reducing glycemic load of glucose in the blood” that is a far cry from Diabetes going away, and it is ill-advised for a Diabetic to stop a course of treatment recommended by their primary health care practitioner.

Yes, Okra is high in Vitamins A, B6, and C, with high levels of thiamine, folic acid, riboflavin, calcium and zinc.  All of these are good for the body.  And yes, eating healthy foods is good for the body, whether you have a diagnosis or are diagnosis free.

However, Diabetes – as is the case with all health conditions – requires recognized treatments and strategies to manage the disease well.  Because there is no single Diabetes diet that works for all, it’s imperative to develop and keep to healthy eating habits and follow proper medication to have good control of blood glucose.

Elyse Bruce
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