Sponges of Information

I am a sponge of information. I soak it up! I can tell you a lot about cloud computing, interviewing people, and politics. But how do we channel this to our advantage?

The driving factor to incentivize me to soak up information is for it to be something we are remotely interested in and/or enjoyable! For instance, when I took my magazine internship, I figure “Eh, it’s a job,” but I still took it seriously because, after all, an internship is a job. But then I realize how much I was really interested in writing blog posts and interviewing people. This led to me doing something I would never, ever do normally, which is following entertainment stories.

For another example, I have a cloud computing internship. What has really “made” this internship, and has gotten me further interest in the cloud, is not the subject matter—which came later—rather, it was the supportive people I worked with and the amount of independence I have in that job.

The most important thing though, is when your passion is your job. Sometimes, in the case of the magazine and the cloud computing internship, it becomes a passion.

Aspies, or at least this one, can be sponges of information. If you are also one, such a trait can definitely be used to your advantage in an occupation, profession, or job.


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