The Need For Stimulation

One of the things that I need as an Aspie is stimulation. I need to do a ton of stuff every day so as to not feel bored!  Life by itself, doing the same thing each day, tends to lose its interest factor. But the things I do each day to feel “not bored” are varied.

Researching stimulates my mind as does talking on the phone. Listening to music and singing along also helps. So does hugging people close to me. I sometimes even have the news on while listening to music and working on my job search!

As you can see, I need to be auditory stimulated. Some need visual stimulation, and others find life to be too exciting as it is, which means that they need to be away from sources of stimulation.

The key for each person is to find what works for the person, and to apply it to his or her daily life when he or she can!


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